Thursday, August 13, 2009


We interupt this session on Masterminding to a KLR News Flash.

I was speaking with the diligent KLR Marketer today on many things and he shared with me a trade that blew the KLR Profit calculator.

Remember how we talk about making a 1 % gain per day or making 1 cent a day on a loaf of bread at the school ? Some of you may have thought that is not possible.

To keep his identity I won't reveal the person or the selling centre - but picture this :

Sell Money and Grass to Buy Underpriced steers with a plan to take home for several months if necessary.

In less than 24 hours while they are still being held for a truck - a small farmer gets chatting to the Diligent KLR Marketer and decides he would like some cattle just like that.

So the Diligent KLR Marketer does his sums to work out a price that would have them still around the market price on the day - Overpriced Steers - puts that to the farmer, who is pleased and accepts the price, He Sells Overpriced Steers and buys back Money and Grass for another day.
Now let me be clear the Diligent KLR Marketer sold them at a price the was Overpriced for him - For the Farmer they were Underpriced compared to what he saw in general at that sale.

Good marketing is not about Bargaining - What is Overpriced for one person could be Underpriced for another - Hence Bud's Quote "I will Sell for Less".

There was zero cost -( well maybe the coffee and pie in the canteen) to this trade, not even agents commission.Despite this the agent lectured on the merits of "Doing a Job on Them" and getting more$$$$.

Would you turn down a return of 10% or 5,200% ROC / Annum ?

The diligent KLR Marketer now knows this KLR Marketing is not about putting on weight, rather Selling Overpriced and buying Underpriced Today.

Do that trade even once a week one could cope with a 520% return.Annum.
There is also a great comment by Rob Heibert from Canada about the profitabilty of Cattle there after I sent him an article about a fellow over there who received $10,000 for his calves that he had fed $20,000 worth of feed.
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