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Carefully choose 6 to 8 like-minded people to .......

Napolian Hill Author of "Think andGrow Rich"
Whilst Masterminding has been happening for thousands of years, it was Napolian Hill who wrote about how all the worlds richest men used the mastermind process.
It was Napoleon Hill who said...

"The accumulation of great fortunes call for power, and power is acquired through highly organized and intelligently directed, specialized knowledge, but that knowledge does not necessarily have to be in the possession of the person who accumulates the fortune."
Resource Consulting Services (RCS) first introduced this process into Australian Agriculture, facilitating several rural business's to meet as a mastermind 3 times per year.
It's like joining several batteries together and watching the power of all of them create more power than the total energy they could bring individually. What happens can be truly amazing.
There are 8 Strategies to a successful Mastermind I will reveal over the next week :
Strategy 1:
Carefully choose 6 to 8 like-minded people to become part of your Mastermind group.

Choose The People Carefully

The people you associate with are very important. They will influence you. If you are going to spend time Masterminding, be certain that the people you associate with have similar values and aspirations.

I would never be in a Mastermind group, for example, with someone who repeatedly publicly ridiculed or spoke harshly about someone who wasn't present. What assurance would I have that they wouldn't do exactly the same when I wasn't present?

Associate with people in a Mastermind situation who believe in the power of Masterminding. A certain degree of belief in the process is vital. A skeptic who investigates is one thing, skeptics who bring the group down is another.
When a big objective is presented to the group, you want people around that table who are not going to be blown away. Not that they have to solve the objective themselves, Masterminding is just the opposite. But you want people who are going to play a willing part regardless. They should do so because they are sold on the concept.

Another element I look for in the people I Mastermind with is what I call the growth factor. Are they here to "get" or to "grow"? Education, "drawing from within" or enhancing our awareness is vital. Be around people who are involved in a process of continual personal development.

A Mastermind group meets weekly but there is no magic number; bi-weekly and monthly works well too. Make a short list below of people you consider compatible and people who also want to master money and want to become wealthier.
Ask them to commit to becoming part of your Mastermind group. The meetings can take anywhere from one to three hours. It is a serious commitment, so only include people who you think are serious and growth orientated. You might not ask all the people on this list but start thinking about some possible people. It will be a mutually beneficial relationship.
An exerpt from The Secret of Giants(Part 1)
By Gerry Robert

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