Thursday, September 24, 2009


Who would have thought we would come to Bathurst from Ivanhoe and get covered in Red Dust. Many of you will have experienced the dust storm as it travelled across Eastern Aust, unreal to see the cars just as though they had been on a muddy road.It literally rained red rain here.
Opportunity is always near when someone else is having a problem - the local car wash has cars lined up down the road at 6.30 am and when I went past last night at 10.00pm it was still lined up.I spoke to one of his friends today and he was dissappointed the storm did not hang around.
The cashboxes were full before 9.00am and he normaly emptys them once a day.

So take a look at where there is a problem or challenge someone is having - come up with the solution and maybe your cash boxes will be overflowing as well.

I have been a bit slack keeping posts going these last couple of weeks but I am sure you needed a break froim me anyway.

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