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This crossed my desk yesterday and I thought I would post it for you to investigate for yourself.
Swine flu has been what I beleive a big distraction this year,very convenient for govts to take the heat of the economys of the world.
Today's Australian Newspaper says

"PATIENTS at particular risk from swine flu have already been putting their names down for the vaccine being rolled out from today.

GPs have reported significant interest from the public about getting the shots, which are being provided free of charge in a
national program set to cost the federal government more than $100 million. "

Swine Flu manufacturers are set to make $50 Billion a year from this one vaccine.
Makes my imagination go wild re the conversation in the boardroom : "Hmmmm we have an economic crisis what can we do to boost the profits, oh I know lets create fear around a pandemic and then the world will need a vaccine"
Cynical maybe but I urge you to check all the inforamtion out before letting your kids be vaccinated.I heard one radio story say "We are going to test it on the children first then the wider population" Key word being TEST.
The following video is one of a series of videos made by several well know people.
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Excerpt from a post by a friend of mine - Leslie Fieger
They are pushing the Swine Flu panic button again. PLEASE do NOT take the new FLU Shots! Especially do NOT allow them to be given to your kids. Here’s why.

Back in April, when I was writing about the Swine Flu, now more commonly called H1N1, I wondered why WHO was pushing it as a pandemic when there were so few cases of it. Now I know why it is now an officially designated World Health Organization Global Pandemic. This designation allows WHO to mandate forced vaccinations. Yes, they can now force you against your will to be poisoned with this vaccine that kills more people than the actual flu it is supposedly designed to prevent.

I’ll provide enough information and links to further info here to convince you that this is really bad news. Take the time to educate yourself. Your health, maybe even your life depends on it.

The first thing I want you to do is watch the first video below. Dr Rauni Kilde is the now retired ex-chief medical officer of Finland. Other videos in this post include a couple with Jim Carey and his partner Jenny McCarthy as well as one Robert Kennedy JR talking about Thimerosol and autism. Thimerosol is a mercury-based preservative that I briefly mentioned in my previous post entitled Cancer with Mercury Rising. Why is that part of the discussion on H1N1? Because Thimerosol is in these new flu vaccine shots along with all kinds of other crap that is poisonous to your system. OK, so watch this first video, then continue on for more info

If video Stop/starts press pause to let it load.

More videos & info

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