Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mick Cornish Comments on the Rise of $$AU

A little over years ago I met Mick Cornish, Mick has assisted many people in both their personal and business life to breakthrough to success.The work Mick did with me and the results I gained caused me to say :
" Mick you come from Orange in Regional NSW - yet you work in the capital cities - rural and regional Australia could benefit from the workshops you run - how about running some programs for rural and regional people ?"

To his credit Mick said
"OK I'm up to it - let's do something. "

Mick is developing a program called Campfire Coaching - specifically for people in rural and regional Australia who are looking to take their life or business to the next level.

Mick is going to be regular guest each Wednesday on my blog.
Check out the video on the webpage at -then opt in to get a free tip from Mick.

G’day there folks,
Last Thursday evening I had the opportunity to be with four experts in the financial field and hear their views on the economy and it got me thinking.

As we already know, the rural environment in Australia is directly and indirectly affected by global economic conditions and one of these factors is the value of our currency. As our Aussie dollar heads towards parity with the US dollar (some experts are predicting we’ll go beyond parity very soon) this single event will create polarised opinions. On one hand anyone heading overseas will form the view this is a real good thing because “Levi’s and Nike’s are heaps cheaper!”

But if you’re a primary producer you might not share this enthusiasm!
It’s ironic really that two people can experience the same situation and have opinions about the event or circumstance which are poles apart. Ironic..sure but there is a bigger issue at stake here beyond jeans and income. And this issue is…

…the decisions we make about ourselves because of “what happens to us”.

You see the overseas traveller might say “geez, that’s good but it’ll be just my luck for the bum to fall out of the Aussie dollar the day before I get there” whereas the primary producer might ask “why does this happen to me? It’s the first time in years I’ve had a good crop and now I can’t sell it!”

So what is it that determines how we feel about the events in our lives? The answer is pretty simple; it’s our …


Yep, that’s right, our beliefs.So whilst the tourist nor the primary producer can necessarily change the current value of the Aussie dollar what they have in common is the ability to choose how this event affects them. You see it’s not what happens to us that determines our destiny, it’s the decisions we make about ourselves that matters.

How will you know if your beliefs are supporting you or working against you?

Well, by coming along to the launch of Campfire Coaching where you’ll learn which beliefs are working for you and learn how to change those beliefs which might be preventing you from finding the positive energy in every outcome so you can achieve greater health, create greater prosperity and build more personal resilience.

To find out how to register for the Campfire Coaching workshop to be held in Orange on November 24 and 25 simply log onto

Here you’ll find a video of me sharing the first tip about how to increase your health, prosperity and resilience. I look forward to seeing you there.

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