Saturday, October 3, 2009

RYAG Students Show How It Is Done !!

Wellington RYAG Stockhandling Group
I was invited to spend a few hours with the RYAG group at Wellington.This is a program run by Rotary, giving an opportunity for young people from regional NSW to learn how to break in and lead a heifer,make their own halter and many other things.
Ben Hooper asked me to if I would take some time to introduce Low Stress Stockhandling to the group, which I was pleased to be able to do.
After just a 1 hour introduction to the principles I let them loose on the stock, where in a couple of hours they let cattle from 1 yard to another, learnt how to yard up using the "T" plus walking 5 head around 2 obstacles in single file.
Amazing considering it takes 2 days to get adults to achieve the same result.
I was very impressed with these mature young adults, they all were able to share with me the career they desired.
The below photo shows 22 RYAG students sitting on the fence in the gateway while 3 of the students let the cattle into the yards. I'm impressed - what about you ?

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