Monday, November 2, 2009


I have come across an article in a rural newspaper describing a strategy being put in place by a grazier on a mob of cattle he purchased.

He said : "I care about 2 things; getting my money back and the kilos they put on".

Now I take that to mean he wants the same $1.83/kg he paid for them at 250kg in 100 days at 350kgs.

This could prove to be profitable for him in the Buy /Sell Paradigm, however there is the risk of prices may remain at present levels or less.By using the KLR tools you can easily identify a profitable trade.

One Diligent KLR Marketer who sold cows & calves on Friday said he winced when they only made $490 - but after that he reflected - he had grass and money in his inventory so what could he replace them with.It turned out there were plenty of good trades in the $200 region so he replaced and smiled - no risk there.

So I ran it through the KLR 30 Second market Report and spreadsheet - we will follow this over the next 100 days.

Watch the video:

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