Thursday, November 12, 2009

Art of the Deal - No money Down

Speaking to a KLR Marketer tonight who had managed to lease some land for free got me thnking about Robert Kiosaki's workshop in the USA last weekend.

It was called "The Art of the Deal" and particpants had to at one point be part of a cowboy auction.This meant they had to exchange one of three items they took along to gain something they wanted with out money.

An excerpt from roberts Newsletter :

Attendees at the Art of a Deal 3-day event parxticipated in a “cowboy auction” – where items of real value were exchanged among the group, without the use of money. In this scenario it was all about the value in the eyes of the beholder – one man’s junk may be another man’s treasure. No trades were made unless everyone came away feeling like they’d gotten a great deal.

In one case, the hot commodity was a collector’s edition of Michael Jackson’s Dangerous CD. Bids included everything from jewelry, to consulting, to golf in Sweden, vacations, and even a poster of a fish with a unique story. The owner of the Michael Jackson CD decided to make an exchange for travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina, 3 months rent, and the opportunity to train with local investing experts. But the trading didn’t stop there!

More :

Here is a video that tels the true story of a guy who started trading with 1 Red Paperclip and ended up with a house.

If video stop /starts, press pause to let it load.

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