Monday, November 9, 2009

Climate Change Debate Four Corners

Climate Change debate is heating up and as I watch Four Corners it is clear there is still the conflicting veiws of science have never been poles apart.Sarah Ferguson has done a great job of interviewing the key players of those who represent us in Canberra.The politicians were allowed to speak without interupting commentry - Very rare in journalism - well done Sarah.

With the rest of the world langishing with the GFC barely keeping the banks doors open - one must ponder is Climate change going to be a priority for other countries.

One would think Australia was 99% responsible for global warming the way the govt want to push this through.

There are some great solutions to this issue if we really wanted to do, however I get a bit concerned when that word TAX is mentioned - treasury must be rubbing their hands to at the prospect.

If you beleive this legislation should be rejected a 2nd time you can go to Barnaby Joyce's petition via the link below :

Agmates has plenty of opportunity to get involved in the discussion with Barnaby hosting a group discussion.

Watch Four Corners Online Click on Picture.

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