Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Campfire Coaching Day 1

Today saw the launch of the very first "Campfire Coaching" 2 day seminar with Mick Cornish in Orange,NSW.
The Orange Botanical Gardens provided a perfect setting for the group from a range of backgrounds including primary producers,banking, and other sectors. By the end of day 1 the group were already looking forward to building on the breakthroughs acheived on day 1.
The great thing about the "Campfire Coaching" seminar is that it is designed to allow people to work on the area of most importance in their life,whether it be relationships, health, money,debt, family or fitness.
Tomorrow we move into transformation so I am sure we will be seeing the world with new eyes this time tomorrow night.
If you would like more information about Campfire Coaching and are interested in attending a seminar in your area please register your interest below.(if you don't tell us how will we know ?)

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