Friday, December 4, 2009

Rees Asked the Hard Questions of NSW Govt

Nathan Rees NSW Premier until last night, came to Bathurst last week to hold a jobs Summit & being not a NSW labour supporter I have to say I was impressed with his desire to ask the HARD questions.
He touched on a couple of reasons why the leader of NSW should be doing that -
eg. Health - The NSW health system would need the entire NSW state budget by 2035 if we conitnue the way we are.Over the life of a person the health system costs $330,000 per person.

His desire to bring productivity and jobs to regional areas was very clear.
Having the same surname(no relation) I kept an eye out for a good headline during his reign but sadly the press never seemed to write some thing like "Rees is a Great Leader"!!

A week in politics is a long time and in this case I think people just did not like to hear the questions they were being asked.Put on the fog goggles and stumble on.

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