Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where are your affirmations taking you ?

Affirmation is a word that will provoke either 1 of 2 responses "Affirmations, what a load of bull%&*#, life happens, you can't change fate" or " Affirmations, I am clear about what want and affirm that daily"
Now here is the funny bit, both responses are 100% correct, why ? Well they are affirmations.

We have a choice every moment to manage our thoughts either in a proactive way or a negative way, that little voice in our head is creating affirmations from moment to moment.
On a daily basis I choose my thoughts based on will thinking in this way serve me, if it does then will it serve others.It is very easy to get sucked into others issues and challenges, however if it does not serve you, let it go.
So where are your thoughts taking you ?
Be careful of your thoughts,
your Thoughts become your Attitude,
Your Attitude becomes the Results you get in life.
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