Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Goat Catcher from Wanaaring in New York !!

Chris Ferguson and her husband Duncan have a station at Wanaaring NSW, where they have spent the last several years developing their goat enterprise.Chris was awarded a Nuffield scholarship this year and is off studying the industry around the world.
Chris and Duncan are KLR Mastermind members.
Chris is regularly blogging, here is an exerpt from a recent blog :

I’m now in Taos New Mexico with a couple of free days to explore and make my way up to Denver Colorado.
My visit with Bud and Eunice Williams in Bowie Texas was one of those landmarks in my life I guess. I went with them to the Waurika cattle sales in Oklahoma (tick another state off) where they bought about 60 head of cattle that were sent onto Kansas for either calving out or feeding. Bud is 78 this year and as he says, “we got no bisiness doing this, but it gets us outta’ the house.” Got to love them. I visited with them to learn more about keeping our goats in a mob to help with moving paddocks, and when I left, Bud said to remember one thing, “it is possible.” I know he was talking about a whole lot more than working livestock and it was just what I needed to hear at the moment.
To follow Chris's adventures go to :http://goatcatcher.farmnet.com.au/

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