Monday, March 29, 2010

When did you last take time to Reflect ?

When did you last take a couple of days to reflect on your life ?
Ros & I took the opportunity to participate in last weeks Campfire Coaching Workshop with Mick Cornish. Whilst we had both done various workshops, we had never been able to attend any at the same time.
It was powerful for us both as a couple and as individuals. I understood that we can get caught in the trap that life is "Good" (well as good as it can be considering the .............)
When I took time to reflect and ask bigger questions of myself I really got that the biggest critic I have is myself. That little voice can get in your head and create all sorts of havok.
Mick showed me how to ask different questions of myself would lead me towards living my truth.
I remember a quote that was in an old school diary that I have always kept :

"Take no notice of a critic, In history there has never been a statue put up to a critic"

Who is your biggest critic ? Are you like me, letting that little voice have too much to say ?

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