Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 6 San Diego

We could be back in Oz with the eucalyptus trees here. San Diego naturally did not have any trees other than 1 type of pine.That was until a lady made a deal with the city fathers to plant trees,she then got sailors to bring species from as many countries as possible.She has left an amazing legacy to the city.
We went to San Diego zoo today then visited a few of the 14 museums in the park near the zoo :

This is the largest outdoor organ complete with amphitheater.

After filling in the day,well there was the evening, so what better to do than go to a live baseball game between the San Diego Padre's and the Colorado Rockies.
The stadium was massive and once we learnt the rules, great night out.

Then another Hard Rock cafe to visit, we leave tomorrow for Arizona somewhere just not sure where.I asked the information desk at the park where we should go and they told us to ask at the border if we wanted to go to Arizona !!!

Location:San Diego. USA

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