Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 7 San Diego to Parker Dam

On the road again, Ash is driving, she feels safer so she says !!
We left San Diego today not knowing exactly where we going to end up, other than Arizona.

We headed East on I8 to El Costa where we stopped for lunch in Mexican style,after all we were only a couple mile from Mexican border.

Over lunch we decided to try and get a couple nights at the Havesu Springs resort on the Colarado river to the north.I found a public phone out in the sun,it was all steel and at 49 deg in the shade I almost burnt my fingers dialing.we were pulled up at the border and lots of questions what 2 Aussies are doing in the middle of the desert.Not so sure we were meant to be on that backroad.
Check out the changes in the country, amazing.

On the way out of San Diego.

Even the desert has better freeways than we have in Oz.

We must have travelled 100 miles with hay fields like this. Either water is cheap or hay is highly valued.

No we are not in the middle East, just Arizona.

This golf course is not one you want to end up in the rough.

Heading into the hills near the Colorado river

Finally relax in the pool.
So we are parked up here for 2 nights, Pictures of Parker Dam Tomorrow

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