Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Highlights of Our USA Trip

This post features the highlights of the trip I did with my daughter Ashley, it truly was a great thing to do together and I would reccomend it to anyone.

I thought I would create a summary of our trip to the USA, Ashley spent the first 2 weeks with me and then I was a guest of Bud and Eunice Williams for 2 weeks.
We had some great experiences starting at Disneyland.I sat at the foot of the statue of Walt Disney and pondered the power of one man with a dream.
No matter your age,Disneyland has lots to offer.

I was a big kid for a day, after all I grew up with Mickey Mouse.

Universal Studios was more than we expected, where there was a lot to experience, see and do.

So what was my top 3 things ? Well I need to break that up so here goes.
Top 3 places we visited :
Number 1 for me was The Grand Canyon.You can look at all the pictures however the only way to see something this spectacular is to go there.

Number 2 was the 3 in 1 bus tour in San Diego, where we visited Coranado Island, Old Town, Cruised the Harbour and visited Mexico - all in one day.

Number 3 was Disneyland.

Top 3 most Entertaining things we did :
Number 1 was for me Definitely the 1 hour helicopter ride around the Grand Canyon.

Number 2 was Circus De Soli - The Beatles in Vegas.

Number 3 was the Dueling Pianos -that was a fun night.

The Wildcard was the baseball game between the Padres and the Rockies at Petco stadium in San Diego.

The food could be a challenge at times hover we always found a good breakfast of bacon, eggs over medium and hash browns.
The best lunch was at Hooters where we went back 2 days in a row in San Francisco. (great pub steaks)

For dinner we would choose Hard Rock Cafe or The Cheescake Factory, great meals and atmosphere.

And of course Ashley always found a great desert, here she is at "The Venetian" eating a chocolate strawberry.

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