Friday, November 26, 2010

2012 Australian Year of the Farmer

In 2012, we celebrate the Australian year of the Farmer. What a great way to acknowledge the role farmers play in the life of Australia.They are stewards of the landscape, producers of food and fibre for the nation as well as many other countries.

Several years ago our landcare group at Ivanhoe embarked on a project to promote farmers to
city folks. The first year we spent 3 days in Sydney running small workshops for school kids.We were inspired enough to go back to the Sydney Royal Easter Show with a small theatre that held 16 people at a squeeze.The 8 minute show featured a slide show of the outback and was run by outback people.There were many conversations with people who stopped by, in fact we had 16,000 visitors go through that slide show which ran back to back.
We learnt many things which were different to our expectations. City folks showed nothing but interest and admiration for rural Australia and the people who live there.
What an opportunity we have to create awareness and relationships with the people who may not have had an opportunity to learn where their food comes from.
We have 12 months to plan what each of us might do to contibute to Australian Year of the Farmer. How will you celebrate the Year of the Farmer ?
Here is a great video promoting the year featuring Glenn McGrath.
If video stop/starts, press pause to let it load.

To read more visit the Year of the Farmer Website :

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