Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where Were You the Day We Lost John Lennon ?

John Lennon

Where were you on Dec 8th 1980 when John Lennon was taken from this world ?

Some of you were around and some of you were not even around.

I distinctly remember being with my friend Mark renewing the gears in a Southern Cross windmill.We had 2RG radio playing, I was 40 ft up on the tower and Mark was shovelling dead pigs out of the tank.

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Birth name : John Winston Lennon
Born : 9 October 1940(1940-10-09)
Liverpool, England
Died 8 December 1980 (aged 40)
New York City, New York

John's influence on music even to this day is quite something.Here is a classic that is a favourite of mine and always leave me moved to Imagine If ???

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