Thursday, November 11, 2010

Food Inc - The Movie

Food Inc is a movie that is being discussed in communities around the world, Mudgee featured the showing of the movie last night.Now I am still to see the movie and that will be soon as it is now available on amazon .com. After attending the RCS conference and listening to Jerry Brunetti speak on Cancer, Cows and Conciousness, watching Jamie Oliver in the schools and eating more hamburgers than a man can stand on my USA trip - I am more interested in Food.

As food producers whether it be meat, vegetables or fruit Australian farmers are in the box seat to take advantage of this move of asking "Where does my food come from ?"

Joel Salatin is coming to Australia to run some workshops soon and he is featured in the movie.

Watch this short trailer and if you like it find out more about either where you can watch the movie or go to amazon and pick up the dvd.I have put a link on the right to direct you to the right place.

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