Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twitter & Facebook could save your life in an Emergency

Up until the last month I thought Twitter and Facebook were a great way to waste time.
What has changed my mind ? Well I have been monitoring the floods in Qld and how Police,Emergency Services and right through to Anna Bligh, Premier of Qld use social media.

Constant updates of the flood situations, which roads are closed,when people need to evacuate,
are made as they happen.

Plus add to the ability of people stuck in floodwaters to seek assistance using Twitter.

So why is Twitter such an important tool in emergency's ?

Word of mouth is the best way to get information out and whilst websites are great they tend to take time to be updated where as twitter can post messgages in seconds.

Check out some of the messages posted today to get an idea of what I mean. Knowing how to use these sites as a resource could just save your life or maybe someone else in a crisis.

We are seeing a crisis that Australia has not faced for maybe decades unfold and communication is difficult. Are you ready to use all resources that may assist you in an emergency ?
At least investigate how social media works - it could save you life as well as others in your community.

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