Saturday, February 5, 2011

Livestock Marketing with KLR in 2011

You may well be asking "Where did Grahame's Blog go in the last 8 weeks ?"
Well pretty much every day has been eaten up creating the new KLR website, which is now in effect 2 websites as we have seperated the Mastermind members area from the KLR school site.
AS we enter 2011 these 2 new web platforms are just in time to support the ever growing demand for KLR Marketing schools and the products and resources of the KLR Mastermind.
Some people reading this will be already KLR Mastermind members or graduates, however there are many readers who are not sure what it is all about.
KLR Marketing principles are about a different way of thinking in the way we market our animals.No matter whether you are involved in beef cattle marketing, sheep marketing or any other livestock marketing and production, it may be worth looking further at what we do.
It all started when we met Bud Williams who over the years has run his popular marketing school or stockmanship schools in the USA. Bud and Eunice visited Australia in 19199 and 2002 teaching stockmanship and it was then that he interested Jim Lindsay, Rod Knight and Myself in his marketing principles.After spending time with Bud we developed the KLR Marketing school.
There have now been over 1500 people attend the school in Australia and New Zealand.
The results some people are now getting are beyond our expectations. KLR can play an important role in getting a start for young farmers, in fact some of our most successful practioners are young rural women.
Visit the website, listen to the audio testimonials, read the articles and listen to us speaking about KLR Marketing. My next post will be about the Mastermind website below.
Visit KLR website :

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