Monday, September 24, 2012

A Day in Yellowstone

Breakfast has been quite often our main meal of the day,so with a big day heading to Yellowstone we had breakfast at Bob's Diner.Interestingly he has flown all over Australia by hiring a Cessna with a group of pilots.

There are lots of Hot Springs across the park with water double boiling point temperature.There is bubbling mud pools,bacteria that thrive in high temperature.

Old Faithful blows every 90 mins or so, we were lucky it blew just as we walked up.

We visited this waterfall as we looked for wildlife.

Bear Track!

Today is our 1st slow day in 3 weeks as we clean up and pack to fly down to Tulsa tomorrow and drive up to spend a few days with Bud and Eunice in Kansas.We have fitted a lot into the last 3 weeks including visiting 5 states,Flyfishing in some of the worlds best Flyfishing waters and spending time with old and new friends.We have driven over 2,500 Kms on the wrong side of the road. Will write soon from Kansas.

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