Saturday, September 22, 2012

Flyfishing Montana

Whilst we are based in Rexburg Idaho,we decided as our new friend Pam was a couple hours north in Montana fishing, let's take another adventure.
We fished the Madison for a few hours each catching a trout and sharing the river together.That makes it 3 states we have fished in with maybe an opportunity in Wyoming yet.

I am learning fast all about casting,tangles,mending ........ ,!!

Pam in the Madison looking for the elusive trout.

The girls hard at it.

Pam had the bear spray but lucky we did not need to use it.

Ros stops for a shot.

Nice little Rainbow.

Pam landing my fish,Rod in one hand,camera in the other.

Trout beware of this shadow.
Today we were guests of the BYUI university communications faculty,where we attended and participated with 2 classes.Learnt loads from these kids.
More on this later.Things to do Places to see, heading to Yellowstone tomorrow.

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