Thursday, September 13, 2012

We are driving in the USA !

We headed off from Portland today, first stop Montnomah Falls before going on to Pendleton where the Roundup is on.The Pendleton roundup is a huge Rodeo with a stadium to hold thousands.
The whole town gets behind it with streets blocked off and entertainment.
We are going ok in our Dodge Cruiser,even got lost tonight and survived.

A cowboy statue in the Saloon !

We chatted with this Juggling girl along with many other vendors.

Quaint little touches to everything.

Then we went to the Happy Canyon outdoor show which was an amazing payout of history with over 400 people taking part and 200 horses.It told the whole history of the Indian settlement right through to the Wild West.
Those of you who know about Orb's might be interested in this photo above.
Tomorrow we are off to Halfway to visit a ranch and wet the Fly Rod.

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