Sunday, September 16, 2012

Halfway to Ketchum

We have been on the move the last couple of days,spending a day and night at Halfway Oregon as guests of Pine River Ranch before moving onto Ketchum, Idaho of a couple of nights.

Merlin the manager of Pine River ranch took me on a ranch tour discussing the Marketing school and Low Stress Stockmanship as a couple of the crew had been to Bud's school.We met the owners Dave and Katherine who now have quite a large breeder herd.

A lot of the land is high desert country,however Halfway is quite a little oasis.They have 3 to 5 feet of snow each year.

Merlin and Elle hosted us for a dinner with the crew,which was great.
Ros got to wet a few flys and wanted to stay longer,but we had a few hundred mile to get to Ketchum.

We have a great time at Ketchum with Pam a flyfishing addict like Ros.
She had us all kitted up with licenses and on the water early today.

We hit the water again this afternoon with Ros hooking a nice size rainbow.
Tomorrow morning we are up early to hit the water using float tubes and waders, before driving onto Heise where we will be doing the float trip on Monday.

Yep I did my first fly fishing today, not easy to learn and got a couple years to catch up to Ros,but maybe......?

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