Saturday, September 21, 2013

De Puy Spring Creek with Molly

Well a little snow and 5 layers started the day but the day just got better.
Molly Semenik from Tie The Knot Flyfishing was someone we were looking forward to meeting.
Molly has over 40 years of experience and made 
Excerpt from her website : 
Tie The Knot is about learning and exploring fly fishing. Molly focuses on: observing the environment, understanding the food source, how and why trout eat, where they live, how to present a fly, how to catch and release a fish. Tie The Knot Fly Fishing is about learning patience, careful observation, skills and the art of fly fishing. 

The Yellowstone was a little blown out with 40% increase from the rain,
so Molly had plans for us at the De Puy spring creek right beside the Yellowstone.

Molly giving Grahame lessons on what the drag is for !!

Grahame's Beautiful Brown.

Ros's Beautiful Brown

Molly serves lunch with style.

Grahame's Rainbow casting an ant on the grass and bang as it fell in.
Ros's nice rainbow.

We had one of the most amazing days that we will remember forever, thanks Molly.

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