Thursday, September 26, 2013

Goodbye Montana and Friends

Grahame standing beside the Yellowstone river.
In 2012 we watched a movie called "Where the Yellowstone Goes" produced by Hunter Weeks.
At that time Ros was flyfishing,I had never picked up a rod and we had never heard of a float trip.
So began our quest to do a flyfishing float in the USA which we did only a few months later on the South fork of the Snake river in 2012.
This developed into a larger quest to fish more rivers and streams in the USA including the Yellowstone river. Unfortunatly that will have to wait for another time as the rain blew out the Yellowstone by 40%,but as luck would have it we fished the De Puy instead.

The story does not end there, if we could not float the river - the next best thing was to meet Hunter and his wife Sarah.They invited us to stay few days with them in Bozeman - we had a load of fun discussing so many things from movies to community gardens to floating the Yellowstone.
They are about to release thier new movie "Walter". Walter a 113 year old man shares about life and the changes that happens in a life lived that long.

Hunter and Sarah under a sunflower in their community garden.

 So we bid Jesse and Montana Farewell - Wyoming here we come.

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