Thursday, September 19, 2013

Montana Adventures

 The Gallatin was our next river to fish, which was a great experience.
 Grahame nets a small fish.

 Jesse took us up north of Helena to meet Whit Hibbard, Matt Barnes and Eric.
Whit writes the Stockmanship Journal and is a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Matt and Eric are running a project that is looking at grazing animals,the interaction with predators
and parking them in grazing areas.
We sat here for 6 1/2 hours discussing all things stockmanship,grazing management
and just about every subject you can imagine.
Lot's of laughing !

 The Cattle sat by for a couple hours while we talked listening in !!
 That is one Low Stress heifer just laying 20 feet away.
 Whit took us across to his ranch where he has renovated some of the old buildings.
This ranch is under snow all winter and he moves back to the home ranch,but back in the day the family that lived there - the kids would catch a horse and ride to school in -20 deg F in 4 feet of snow in the dark !!

He has turned the cellar into a Saloon.

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