Friday, September 20, 2013

Upper and Lower Maddison

Jesse took us to the Lower Maddison on Sunday, it was like we had our very own guide.

We were just showing off our Dryft Waders !

A Mule Deer crossing the river,better than a bear.

 Monday breakfast at 3 Forks - Bacon,2 eggs over easy and hashbrown - Coffee.

 Ros ready to fish the Upper Maddison at Ennis
 She picked up this nice brown to match the colour of her reel.

 Some sculptures in Ennis - a great little town, easy to live there.

 We met Bern and Lexi Sundell ~ artists and flyfishers.Ros charmed Bern and he gave her a special gift of his special fly and case with a brown trout on it.Plus some tips on where to cast a line.

Grahame had some fun as well.

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