Sunday, September 8, 2013

South Fork Snake Day 1

The next 3 days will be floating the South Fork of the Snake river near Heise, Idaho.Today we are floating the upper reaches of the river about 15 miles.
Sharon is our guide,we floated with her last year as well.She has 11 years experience guiding on this river,so we highly recommend Sharon.
1st fish for the start of our flout trip a beaut 16 inch cutty caught on a caddis mid morning along the river edge ,great start !
Grahame's fishing skills improving with this 16 inch rainbow caught on a mayfly dry with a hopper indicator , a good fish .
Ros and Sharon in our boat.
This waterfall we had seen in pictures so it was great to be able to stop by in the boat.
Ros took this picture of a Moose lounging by the river.
The river is quite fast flowing and around every bend there is something new.

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