Friday, September 27, 2013

Wyoming and a Ranch Visit

We called into Cabelas in Billings on the way down to Wyoming, stocked up with more flys, tippet and things we wanted rather than needed !! They have a display of all the native and wild animals in the USA, quite a collection.

We visited Padlock Ranch where the CEO Wayne  Fahsholtz took us for a ride across some of this amazing ranch.It spans 475,000 acres across Wyoming and Montana.Padlock Ranch won the 2013 leopold Conservation Award in recognition of the work Wayne's environmental work.

 An out station ranch
 As far s the eye can see.
Praire Dog Town
Cows lazing in the sun.
 Some Deer hiding in the grass.
 We went up Tongue Canyon to see amazing rock formations.

 Grahame sitting on a rock on the Tongue river.This was an area where the famous
 IndianCrazy Horse lived

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