Friday, December 27, 2013

Last Post USA 2013

And so ends our amazing 7 week journey where we drove 4,500 miles -
 fished in 5 states - 11 rivers - De Puy Spring Creek and
a mountain lake in CO at 11,000 feet.
We met and spent time with the most amazing people who we now
know as best friends.
We did stay a few days in San Francisco before flying into Idaho Falls to pick up our car.
These maps show the roads we travelled during our trip.

The towns and city's we visited

This trusty cardboard box lasted out the trip with our kitchen essentials.

We took these 2 eskys and thermos with us and our $11 kettle from Walmart did the job - even boiling eggs for our daily lunch.

Then of course our favourite Australian Coffee Fish River made the whole journey a little tastier.

Until we meet again on a river somewhere it is goodbye for now.
Thank you to our guides Ryan,Sharon,Molly and Rapha.
Thanks Jesse, Pam, Heidi, Anthony, Hunter and Sarah,
Whit, Matt, Eric for being part of our family.
Plus our Friend the Orchard family who let us return to stay a few days again this year.
Of course Ellie and Bill  for our amazing 8 nights on the Missouri.
Thank you Wayne and the Padlock crew for welcoming us and letting us 
see your amazing ranch.
"Tight Lines"

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Unknown said...

What an awesome trip you both had! Love the photo of you both :)