Friday, November 28, 2014

More San Francisco

The hills of San Francisco beckoned on today,no need for a gym in this city.
Carrie Oliver met us today,giving us a personal tour to the heights of the city and the beach.I met Carrie on twitter a few years ago,she is a meat geek who believes beef is like wine and so has worked on taste testing experiences for beef.

Alcatraz is the island in the distance.

The Pacific Ocean ~ Australia is that way !

Carrie suggested the "Slanty Door" for dinner where they source some of the best meats.Yep it was amazing as we tried 4 dishes of Pork Belly,Clams,Beef steak and Lamb chops.

This was the night scene that greeted us after dinner.
Now it is off to Idaho Falls ~ See you from there.

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