Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Did we just have Summer b4 Spring ?

Grass is on the mind of many people right now, here in Bathurst it seems climate change has really happened.We seem to have had Summer over the last 3 months, with hot dry weather and here we are on the first day of summer it is cold !!!

We drove from Bathurst to Mildura on the weekend and saw a very dry 900 kms, water dams nearly dry, crops around West Wylong not worth harvesting.

Not sure what is happening in Qld but even the good grass managers have been suprised with the speed in the change of their grass inventory.

The question on everyones lips is Christmas going to be wet ? Well as I said to someone this morning it could prove a difficult period if you find yourself with animals that are running out of grass over the Christmas period - markets closed.

I beleive one farmer not far from here a couple weeks ago was running out of water and held on hoping it would rain.Unfortunatly it did not and he had to totally destock everything in one day as the last drop dried up.

Now is the time to check you 3 Inventory's of Grass,Money and Livestock.

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