Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gold Reach's for the Sky

Gold has hit $1217US an oz as the $US continues to plunge - gold has moved from the low $800 in January giving a return in $US of around 50% for the year - who would have thought ?
Silver is close to $20US rising from around $11 this year a return close to 100%.
This has not been as great for those of us who have $AU as it moves higher.

If the response to my previous post is anything to go by a lot of you are interested in following the yellow metal.

Jim Sinclair answered some questions on his blog about what he sees playing out.
The US fed has exceeded it's limit of $12.1 Trillion technically but last minute rule changes have said it does not include some billios of dollars which will last another month !!

To read Jim's post

Questions On The Timing Of The Gold Bull Market And The New Monetary System

Here is Mike Maloney's latest video.

If video stop/starts, press pause and let it load.
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