Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flyfishing In Idaho

We are meeting some amazing new friends.

We have been technology challenged so here an update since the last post.
Sunday morning found us still in Ketchum,with Pam,up early for a big breakfast at Perry's,then off for a flyfishing float tube trip down Silver Creek.

Which produced 4 nice rainbow trout for Ros.
Then after chocolate,coconut flakes and coffee to warm us we drove a few hours down to Hiese where we were to take a float trip down the South Fork of the Snake.

A float trip is where the guide rows and 2 people fish in quite a large fast moving river.To give you an idea we did 2 x 26 mile floats in 2 days.

Sharon has been a float trip guide for 11 years,it was amazing experience.Ros has been flyfishing for 2 years and is pretty darned good.
This trip saw me get a flyrod and on my 3rd day I was doing a float trip!
One can get in a lot of casts in 20 hours on the river.

Sharon's skills even extended to gourmet food perpetration !

This is a photo of a nice brown trout I caught,which was nice.Things were too hectic to take much photos when we caught fish,as the goal is to release as quickly as possible,but we did catch a quite a few and have a lot of fun.

There were lots of wildlife. This Black Bear though was a rare sighting,Sharon had never seen one on the Snake in 22 years of fishing there.

We are now staying with Mark and Linda in Rexburg,more news soon.

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