Thursday, October 3, 2013

Colourful Colorado in Fall

 We drove from Montrose to Durango over the Rocky Mountains, oh boy what a treat. Fall was in perfection with a touch of snow.No photo can do it justice as we drove up and down and around every corner there was another WOW ! moment.
Stopped at Andrews Lake and cast a line just to say we had done so at 11,000 feet with snow about and Grahame caught a nice rainbow.

Enjoy the following pictures.

Andrews Lake an amazing spot.


We stayed in Durango a couple of nights - fished the Animas river which runs 4 mile through town.
Ros picked up this nice fish and I picked up a Rainbow.
Saw a huge bear walk across a bridge right near the high school, we were fishing 50 feet away.I could not believe this bear walking across the bridge that I forgot to take a photo but it was huge !!
Tomorrow we move to New Mexico to fish the San Juan, then Sedona as the Grand Canyon is closed due to the Government shutdown.

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